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Honorary Members

The MARUG knows a select group of honorary members, who have shown to make distinctive contributions to the MARUG over a longer period of time. These members are extremely valuable to the association and have been appointed as honorary members during (semi-)annual General Members Meetings. Read more about our honorary members and their unique value for the MARUG!

Prof. doc. Peter Leeflang

The MARUG was founded in 1981 by Professor Leeflang, emeritus professor in the department of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of the University of Groningen. He received his PhD in 1974 from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam for his research on ‘Mathematical models in Marketing’. Since 1976 he has been connected to the University of Groningen again as a professor in marketing. Without Professor Leeflang the MARUG would not have existed, making him the founder of the contemporary success of the association. He has remained involved ever since for the entire existence of the MARUG.

Dr. Karel Jan Alsem

After receiving his PhD in Marketing in 1991, Karel Jan Alsem started working as a professor in marketing at the University of Groningen. As a teacher, he is also connected to the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Next to his activities as a professor and teacher, he founded his own company. The company, called AlsemStrategie, organizes Masterclasses in Marketing for care organizations and advises organizations in general. The MARUG also greatly benefitted from the help and advice of dr. Alsem numerous times, making him a very valuable member. In past years he has been chairman of the day at one of the MSc Marketing events. 

Dr. Janny Hoekstra

Ever since 1994, Janny Hoekstra has been a professor in marketing at the University of Groningen. She is an associate professor at the RUG and teaches in the MSc Marketing program. Dr. Hoekstra has also taught courses in marketing at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam for a few years. Besides that, she does a great deal of marketing related research and is active as the chairman of the Marketing Support Group Groningen. In the past years she greatly contributed to the MARUG and she is still actively involved in our association. 

Dr. Liane Voerman

As the former program coordinator of the MSc Marketing and a teacher of several marketing courses in both bachelor and master programmes, Liane Voerman is someone with extraordinary knowledge in marketing. Next to her activities in the department of Marketing at the FEB, she has proved much honor to the MARUG by working hard to contribute to our association. She has great enthusiasm, is always approachable and has helped the MARUG on many levels.

Dr. Jelle Bouma

The newest honorary member of the MARUG is Jelle Bouma, who has a role as Business School Director at the University of Groningen. In 1993-1994 he filled the position of treasurer and vice chairman within the MARUG board. Since 2001, he is a member of the Conference Advisory Board and has been a speaker at numerous MARUG events. With all his great ideas, he has helped bring the MARUG to new levels over the years.