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General description

The MARUG board consists of six students who dedicate an entire full-time year to the association. MARUG is a progressive association that continuously tries to renew and improve itself. As a board member you are challenging and developing yourself in several areas. You are responsible for the smooth running of the association and continuously working on how you can improve and professionalize the association. This is done by implementing, constructing and redefining the policy. In addition, you and the entire board supervise all the committees that the MARUG has. You also organize numerous events and are building your network as you get in touch with different companies! As a board you are also in contact with different faculties of the University of Groningen, members, active members and alumni members.  Besides the professional part, you also get a whole new social life, where you make friends for life and get to attend all kinds of fun activities! 

Application procedure 

Did you become enthusiastic and do you like the idea of governing the MARUG next year or do you have questions? Then please contact Sam Temmink! You can also contact the other board members if you specifically want to know more about a certain position. Everyone is happy to tell you more!

Recruitment for the new board members is around February and March, but you can always indicate your interest earlier. If you would like to apply, please send your CV and a motivationletter to In your motivationletter we would like to see your two preferred positions. Robien will contact you soon for the next steps!

MARUG Board 2023-2024

From top left to right: Hidde de Best, Sam Temmink and Annegreeth Rozema. From bottom left to right: Tim Stapper, Merel Fens and Toine Bakema.


As Chairman, you are the face of the MARUG. Next to that, you are coordinating the association and you have to ensure that your policies are carried out. Also, you maintain contact with all the external parties the MARUG has to deal with, such as the university, the marketing department, former MARUG chairmen, other study associations and - obviously - all the (active) MARUG members. You will also occupy a position in the national marketing board (Marketing Associatie Nederland), just like the chairmen of the marketing associations from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Maastricht. Furthermore, you will also supervise several committees. Finally, you take care for the nice atmosphere within the board and the association as a whole. Do you have leadership qualities and do you think that a diverse position with a lot of responsibilities will be a nice challenge for you? Then apply for the position chairman! 

Do you want to know more about this function, do not hesitate and contact Tim Stapper
(+316 21655375,


As Secretary, your main responsibilities are the external communications, the member administration and the network of alumni members. You will learn how to work with the CRM system and how to deal with the MARUG website. Next to that, you will also be responsible for all the mailings, such as the monthly newsletters and the direct mailings from companies. You will also be concerned about the (long term) planning of the MARUG. Since a lot of the contact will go through you, you will always be updated about what is happening within the association. This makes you an important link within your board and this means that you will work closely with all your fellow board members. Because of this, your tasks as a secretary is very diverse, and often new projects will come your way. Finally, as secretary you are responsibile for organizing the MARUG Inhousetour. Are you multifaceted, communicative and do you like to keep the overview? Then this position is probably something for you! 

Do you want to know more about this function, do not hesitate and contact Merel Fens
(+316 12727280,


As treasurer you are fully responsible for the financial administration and the financial policy. You will make a budget which you will adjust throughout the year, you will book all income and expenditure and you will adopt the semi-annual and annual accounts. In this way, you are always up to date with everything that happens in the association, which makes it a challenging and instructive position within the board! You have a big voice in making decisions (you have to approve the expenses), so you are always involved in everything. You also supervise all treasurers of the committees, which makes you very involved with the active members.

Do you want to know more about this function, do not hesitate and contact Toine Bakema
(+316 10852262,

Internal Relations

As internal relations it is your job to make students enthusiastic about the MARUG. You are responsible for the recruitment and selection of all active members. You do this by having conversations with interested students and also by organizing recruitment activities. You are involved in all job applications and have the final responsibility of who will be in the committees and boards of the MARUG. So would you like to have a lot of contact with students and are you able to transfer your enthusiasm to other people, and do you want to develop yourself in this field? Then this function fits you!

Do you want to know more about this function, do not hesitate and contact Sam Temmink
(+316 23905030,

External relations

As the External Relations you’re responsible for the acquisition of the MARUG, and in some occasions also for the acquisition of the committees of the MARUG. Furthermore, you will organise company visits, recruitment events and inhousedays. In other words, you’re the link between the MARUG and the companies. If you have a commercial mindset, social capabilities and do you want to be in touch with a huge number and variety of companies, then this function suits you perfectly!

Do you want to know more about this function, do not hesitate and contact Hidde de Best
(+316 50252810,

PR and Promotion

As PR and Promotion, you are responsible for the image of the association to the outside world. All the online and offline promotion and communication are your responsibility, including managing the social media channels. In addition, you will be busy with creative posters, promotional stunts, and all kinds of other gadgets. You are also free to develop your own promotion strategy, with the goal to bring the MARUG to the attention of as many students as possible, of course. Don't worry, you don't need to be skilled in InDesign or Photoshop before you apply. Throughout the year, you will improve your skills and before you know it you are able to create awesome designs. In this position, you will also work with the PRs of all the committees. And besides the ''standard'' tasks, there is plenty of room for your own creative ideas! So, are you creative, enthusiastic, communicative and do you like to think outside the box? Then apply for the position of PR and Promotion!

Do you want to know more about this function, do not hesitate and contact Annegreeth Rozema
(+316 81624823,

Extra Positions 

Within the MARUG Board, we have four extra positions that you can execute besides your main function. You don't have to apply for these functions, but these functions will be allocated to the board members based on interests and skills, once you have been chosen for the board. The four extra positions are: 


As vice-chairman, you will keep track of the long- and short term strategy of the MARUG. Besides, you will also be busy with securing that the policy plans of your board year are carried out. Lastly, you will have a supportive role towards the chairman and the rest of the board members. 

External Relations II

As external relations II, you will be the right hand of the external relations of the board. This means you will join the company visits, and be responsible for a part of the total acquisition of the MARUG.


As data analyst, you will collect, process and analyze data within the MARUG, in order to make better decisions. You will obtain and use digital analytical skills by making use of Google Analytics. 

Sustainable Officer

As sustainable officer, you are responsible for guaranteeing that sustainability within the association is pursued. You will appoint a sustainable officer within each committee, with whom you will have regular contact to assure the sustainable options at the MARUG events.