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About Belsimpel

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Who we are

Since its foundation in Groningen in 2008, Belsimpel has become a big part of the telecom market. With a close-knit team of over 500 motivated, enthusiastic and highly-educated students and professionals, we go above and beyond every day to change the Mobile World. Every day of the week, we seek to get the most out of our marketing campaigns and make sure we offer unique devices and great contracts. Above all, we want our customers to be happy. That’s how we’re changing the Mobile World together. We’re not a provider, nor a store or search engine. We’re a way of life, a Method™ to help customers find their perfect mobile telecom match.

What we do

We want to change the mobile market. Belsimpel has over 1.4 million Dutch customers and we are still growing (360 million revenu in 2019). This means we’re facing an increasing number of customers to cater to. Marketing is one of the biggest driving forces behind the success of Belsimpel. We have several specialised teams that work on our marketing efforts together.

We like to do everything (also marketing related) at Belsimpel ourselves. From ATL marketing and analysing data, to optimising Google Adwords and our Facebook campaigns. Even our TV commercials are shot in our own office by our own video team starring one of our colleagues!

Will you take on this challenge with us?

Whether you’re following a Marketing Intelligence or Management track, or both, we’ve got a suitable challenge for you. Put theory into practice and help develop Belsimpel by cultivating brand positioning or analysing our campaigns. As a young, fast-growing company, Belsimpel is able to offer exciting challenges!

Looking to push yourself to the limit every day and want to be part of our winning spirit? While completing your studies, come and dip your toe in the data pool as parttime Data Driven Marketeer or find out what ATL marketing is about as parttime Marketing Planner.

Recently graduated? Join us as Commercial Marketer and make deals with major partners like Vodafone, Samsung or the STER (the Dutch foundation for ether advertisement). Prefer analysing enormous data sets to find the best conversions? If so, join us as Data Scientist! Not sure what you’re looking for? Our Marketing Traineeship might suit you! For more information and all vacancies, please visit

Alumnus of MARUG at Belsimpel:

As Marketer at Belsimpel, I’m in contact with many different companies (including phone manufacturers, providers and marketing channels) that all adopt different brand and (marketing) strategies. During my master’s degree in Marketing, I learned a lot about the various existing marketing strategies and theories. I’m able to put this knowledge to good use when creating marketing plans or communicating with partners. For instance, phone brands that have yet to launch their products in the Netherlands want to know how they can best position their brand on the Dutch market. It’s up to me to come up with a good proposal, including recommendations for marketing activities and reasons why Belsimpel is the right channel for them. Courses like Strategic Marketing, Brand & Product Management, Marketing Communications and Consumer Psychology have helped me a lot in my job. Often, these courses teach a number of different theories, which you then apply to cases and present in class, and then you’re done. At Belsimpel, I get to put these theories into practice by learning how to negotiate and discuss with brands in order to secure the best deal. 

- Lisa Kleinhuis, Marketeer (2018 graduate of MSc. Marketing Management & Intelligence)

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