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Meet the candidate chairman of the MARUG - Tim Stapper

Hi everyone!

My name is Tim, 22 years old and I will be the next chairman of the MARUG. I am originally from Zeewolde, and moved to Groningen when I was 18 years old. In my free time I like to play golf and padel, meet up with friends, and do active outdoor activities like snowboarding and sailing. 

After finishing my bachelor International Business last December, I started looking for my next challenge. I was contacted by Robien and decided to sit down for a coffee with Maud to talk about the position of chairman of the new MARUG board. Maud told me about her amazing board year, the people she has met, and all the things she has learned so far. 

The experience of being part of the MARUG board and taking the role as chairman, attracted me so much that I decided to apply. A week later, after doing my interview and waiting for the result, I received the amazing news that I was selected for the position as chairman of the MARUG board 2023-2024. That moment was the beginning of my adventurous candidate day which ended with my announcement as candidate chairman during the social in 't Vaatje. 

Now I am looking for 5 fellow board members who are looking for their next challenge and represent the MARUG this year. If you are interested in joining this year's MARUG board, then please contact me at +31 6 21655375 to sit down for a drink or take a walk!