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Meet the candidate secretary of the MARUG - Merel Fens

Hi everyone,

I am Merel Fens, 22 years old and I will be the next secretary of the board of the MARUG. Originally, I am from Nijmegen and after an amazing gap year I came to Groningen to study International Business at the RUG. My hobbies are running, going for drinks with my friends and traveling.

Currently, I am finishing my last courses of my bachelor. While I was searching for my next challenge, I was contacted by Lotte to talk about having a board year at MARUG. She was very enthusiastic and told me all about her amazing experiences, people she met and how she evolved herself socially and professionally. Thereafter, I was instantly excited and decided to apply for the upcoming board. 

One week after my application, I received the news that I was selected to be the next secretary of the board! That call was the beginning of an amazing candidate evening which ended with the board announcement in ‘t Vaatje with all the other new board members.

I very excited about upcoming year and meeting you all in person!