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SchaalX & MARUG

SchaalX & MARUG

It is with great pleasure that we, SchaalX, introduce ourselves as a new partner of MARUG.

Having received an excellent rating as the only marketing traineeship for seven consecutive years, we have
chosen to align our strengths with MARUG to close the gap between ambitious marketing students and
their prospective careers. Together, we aim to answer the question that resonates with many of you:
How do you take the first step towards your future marketing career?

SchaalX Digital Marketing Traineeship
At SchaalX, we train the best young marketers with the most up-to-date digital knowledge through our
Digital Marketing Traineeship. It's a two-year program that offers ambitious entry-level professionals with 0
to 2 years of experience the opportunity to gain work experience and advance to high-quality professionals
in the job market. Every other week, you will participate in a masterclass alongside other young
professionals. Here's a selection from the 45+ masterclasses:

  • Google Analytics
  • Neuromarketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Web Texts
  • Conversion Rate
  • Content Marketing

Grow Together with Other Young Professionals
At SchaalX, we believe in the power of collaboration. Therefore, you embark on this adventure with other
Young Professionals. You not only share knowledge and inspiration but also build a close-knit bond.
Together, you undergo the Personal Leadership Program at Talent Academy Group, focusing on your
personal development.

Fun and Connection
In addition to serious growth, we also provide room for relaxation. Enjoy cozy Friday afternoon drinks, the
annual summer BBQ, and the festive Christmas event. We believe in the strength of a good work-life
balance and strive to create a positive and supportive work environment.

What can you expect from the collaboration?
The approach is to build a bridge between students and their future marketing careers. We ensure that you
are the first to be informed about new start dates and in-house days. We will be present frequently during
workshops, and at events, we aim to get to know you, impart knowledge, and address all your queries.

Linne, campus recruiter: Groningen still holds a special place in my heart after studying there for 7 years.
We are very much looking forward to being even more actively involved with MARUG and occasionally
traveling back to the beloved north to provide you with the most enjoyable workshops featuring the latest
marketing knowledge.

Does Your Profile Fit?
Do you hold a bachelor's or master's degree, preferably in marketing, communication, media, or business
administration? Do you have a passion for the digital world and online marketing? Possess an
entrepreneurial, proactive, and eager-to-learn attitude, along with a healthy dose of courage and boldness?
If you can answer these questions with a resounding 'yes,' then you may be the perfect candidate for the
SchaalX Digital Marketing Traineeship!
Have you become curious about the traineeship? Take a look at the website or listen to the podcast!