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Mind over Marketing

Consumer behaviour and the effect of this behaviour plays a gigantic role within marketing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the combination of marketing and psychology is becoming increasingly popular. Psychology offers many angles for communication, marketing and advertising campaigns. Psychology can be used in marketing to engage people with a service or product, to make marketing statements or to influence buying behaviour. 

Mind over Marketing is an event organised with the Psychology Association VIP. The event combines the perspectives of marketing and psychology and is ideal for students interested in these two fields. The event consists of several lectures by interesting speakers, a dinner and drinks!

The next edition of the Mind over Marketing will be held on 30 November 2022 and will be conducted in English.

Mind over Marketing 2021:

Due to the rapid changing COVID-19 regulations in the period around December of 2021 it was unfortunately not possible to organise the event. However, the committee had a fully organised event planned. Surrounding the theme “Marketing through the eyes of a child”, speakers from the University and SchaalX were going to discuss the ethical aspects of marketing towards children. Parents buy the products, but most of the time children choose. How do companies deal with this? These topics would have been covered and it would have been a wonderful event.