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MARUG Wellbingo

Welcome to the MARUG Wellbingo! This is a bingo card full of challenges for you to complete. Below you can find an elaborate explanation of the different tasks. When you complete one of the tasks please send us a picture or video with proof to in order to make it count. The first students to obtain a full row of challenges (horizontally/vertically/diagonally) can win some great prizes, which will be announced soon. We are looking forward to seeing all of you participating in the challenges. Good luck, and may the best MARUGer win!

Elaborate explanation of the challenges:

  1. Repost a MARUG post in your Instagram story

  2. Put an idea in the idea box at our office

  3. Join one of our trips abroad (Skitrip / IME)

  4. Have dinner together with 3 other MARUG members

  5. Join our MARUG sports activity

  6. Take 3 walks that last at least 1 hour

  7. Visit the Recruitment Days or MARUG Conference

  8. Join the MARUG yoga activity

  9. Give us feedback on our new website

  10. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok

  11. Cook a vegan dinner

  12. Bring a +1 to one of our MARUG socials

  13. Become an active member

  14. Visit 3 of our socials

  15. Follow a CPR course

  16. Visit 2 of our formal events

  17. Work out 3 times

  18. Join our cultural picknick

  19. Convince someone to become a MARUG member 

  20. Fill in the evaluation form

  21. Visit the MARUG office

  22. Do one of the challenges together with another MARUGer (events don’t count)

  23. Stick 3 MARUG stickers anywhere in town

  24. Do some community and service work

  25. Visit the Sustainable Marketing Event